Camaron’s Journey from a Striving Reporter to a Joyful Mom

December 7, 2017

Today I talked to Camaron Brooks. She left career job and came into motherhood. It was a big change that made her turn to writing to make sense of it all. She went to blogging, wanting to share and relate to other moms. She also wrote her first book and published it last year.


We discussed: Her book. You will also learn about how she transform from being a reporter to an author. Lastly, Camaron shares her lowest point in life and how she survive from it.


Three takeaways that you’ll get from this podcast are:


  1. We have to share the hard part of our lives so we can acknowledge the great parts about our lives.
  2. You can't get to be amazing until you open yourself up and share your vulnerable times.
  3. Being authentic is the best place to come from.



How can you get in touch with Camaron?



Book available at Amazon: Reporting Live from Studio B: Lessons and Reflections Found on My Journey from Striving TV Reporter to Struggling New Mom.



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