How Clarissa used reiki to find abundance in her life

March 17, 2017

Today I talked to Clarissa. She is a Reiki Master and energy healer. She helps people get control over their money and their mindset.


We discussed: How she hated living on a dairy farm but eventually loved it when she grow wiser? You will also learn about how Clarissa learned about her gift. Lastly, you will learn how she was able to surpass losing her house and her job all in a span of one week.



Three takeaways that you’ll get from this podcast are:


  1. Stuff is so buried because it wasn't good memories
  2. Coaching is teaching someone what they are doing
  3. We can't change anything if we don’t talk about it.


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Motivation and the risk she took with Britany Felix

March 10, 2017

Today I talked to Britany Felix. She is the Podcast Host of Living Unconventionally, show about people chasing their passion and how they live their lives unconventionally.


We discussed: How she transition from having a corporate job to being an entrepreneur? You will also learn about how Britany was able to win over her first entrepreneurial failure. Lastly, she will teach us how to live unconventionally.



Three takeaways that you’ll get from this podcast are:


  1. Do I want to be miserable because I did something and failed or miserable because I didn't try anything at all and be stuck on the same place that I am.
  2. Failure is inevitable; it is part of the journey.
  3. Let yourself go, give yourself a mental break.



How can you get in touch with Britany?



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The Keys to Long Term Health and a Love for it with Dani Deam

February 21, 2017

For today's podcast, I spoke with Danielle Daem. She is Nutrition and Wellness Coach and owner of New Growth Wellness. Dani, as she wanted to be called, mostly works with women who want to find balance and start a healthy active lifestyle.


Four important points that you’ll get from this podcast are:



  • If we don't have Joy, what is the point of Life?
  • When it comes to real changes that will last for the rest of your life which most of us wants, you have to be patient. You have to trust that doing these small steps will come together in the end.
  • Habit is the key.
  • When you do things that you won't enjoy, you will not stick to it.


Show Notes:

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Website: among other places......


How to Deal with Anxiety with Clinical Counsellor Lindsay Monier-Williams

January 20, 2017

When Lindsay worked in business she saw that many of the people she worked with struggled with problems that she wasn't fully equipped to deal with. She decided to take matters into her own hands and get her masters in clinical counseling. 

Lindsay saw a real need in families that weren't together all the time. When parents have jobs in different areas and weren't able to keep their families together because of it Lindsay is able to step in and really support the families. 

My biggest inquiry to Lindsay was to hear about her experience in the area of people who deal with Anxiety. Anxiety is one of the most prevalent issues that people today deal with. I have put together an online membership program for people who deal with anxiety to use acupressure for hands on personal and instant relief. I wanted to hear what Lindsay thought of this and if she thought it would really help people on a deep level being that she works in just conversations and I'm offering a solution through self-acupressure points (through the body.)

Lindsay offers her counseling online and has her home office in Victoria, BC.

If you are dealing with Anxiety or know someone who is then this a great podcast to listen to. 

To receive your first acupressure point for free to ease your anxiety please go here ==>>

Acupressure for Anxiety

To reach Lindsay 

Love Kyla 


An inspirational Thanksgiving - Find out why this year Thanksgiving is termed ‘Friendsgiving’

November 20, 2016


I'm starting a tradition that on special holidays I'm going to find an amazing project that's making a difference for people to feature on the show. 

I absolutely love this one. Thank a friend and Otherly will gift a meal. Shawn Bearman, Mike Nabavi and a group of people from Vancouver, BC have been working on this new App called otherly - You can go to and thank the people in your life and remind them how grateful you are to have them in your life. Social buttons are set up with a pre-written messages that you can edit if you like to make this super easy. 

Want to know what the best part it? For every person, you thank in your life Hope International has hooked up with Otherly to gift a free meal to someone need! FOR EACH PERSON YOU THANK!

I personally challenge you to thank 100 people - think you can do that? 

In this podcast episode, I've chatted with Shawn Bearman as she goes into the details of what thanking a person actually can do for yourself. Shawn and the Otherly team are out to make the people who need help easier to ask for it. I hope this episode lights up your Thanksgiving and inspires you to thank the people you love most!


Hope International

Free 20 Minute Skype Consultation: "Discover the Negative Pressure Points Holding You Back"

Love Kyla among other places......


Overcoming an Eating Disorder and Death of her mother to Cancer

November 11, 2016

An Interview with Sarah Sihota

Sarah is one of my dearest friends. She just amazes me. Such a bright light, she sends happiness, compassion and love nearly every where she goes.

She makes people who think they don't matter, feel like they matter. 

She knows what the dark feels like and has all the space in the world for those who need it the most. 

I hope when you listen to her you get filled up with love and light in your life where ever you are at in the world listening to this. 

Thank you for listening to the Inspiration Station!


Love Kyla


Show Notes:

Contact Sarah among other places......


The Magic Powers of Water

November 7, 2016

Join me with Mr. Lou! He is a water expert...

He has climb high mountains, tested water in many countries and taken apart so called water machines to debuff the hype of the water culture. He gets to the bottom of the science as to why water heals, and not just any water.... He has all the answers inside the podcast episode, the Magic Powers of Water. Hear more... 

Quickly fix your Neck Pain with Acupressure! Free Download!

November 3, 2016

The Neck has it's reason's it's telling you! You haven't been listening and so it's screaming in pain for you to hear why!

Are you willing to listen? and if so, are you will to take action!? 

In this podcast I share with you what you neck is trying to tell you and the acupressure points to help heal it for very quick results!

Find out how Neck Pain can impact the rest of your body and where it can spread!

Would you like that?

Listen to this episode to find out how!

Receive your Neck Release Cheatsheet


The Power of Dreaming - Interview with Misha Wolf

November 1, 2016

When Misha heard of a man talk about Lucid Dreaming she was immediately interested to find out more! When she applied her knowledge to her own dreams, she found messages and magic within them.

She now goes on to share about the power of dreams and what they can offer you. She shares about her own experiences and as usual I talk about my own life. In this episode I'm called to share about my children's nightmares and Misha's expert advice put my mama nerves at ease!

Please Enjoy another awesome human from the West Coast of Canada!

Love Always,


Holy Married in Matrimony vs. Partnership

October 30, 2016


Relationships are tricky business! There's no two ways around it. Join me in an intimate conversation about partnership. 

Justice Schanfarber runs a counselling practice on Vancouver Island, BC.

He has a passion for supporting people in relationships. Whatever that looks like for them.

In this episode Justice shares his personal journey of relationships and what he's found to be true for him. I hope that you enjoy this deep conversation on 'relationship' and expand your views if even just a little bit. 

Justice brushes on the edge of conformity.

You can find him at


Get a free sample of his book: The Re-Connection Handbook for Couples

I will see you soon, Love Kyla - Acupressure Teacher