How to Deal with Anxiety with Clinical Counsellor Lindsay Monier-Williams

January 20, 2017

When Lindsay worked in business she saw that many of the people she worked with struggled with problems that she wasn't fully equipped to deal with. She decided to take matters into her own hands and get her masters in clinical counseling. 

Lindsay saw a real need in families that weren't together all the time. When parents have jobs in different areas and weren't able to keep their families together because of it Lindsay is able to step in and really support the families. 

My biggest inquiry to Lindsay was to hear about her experience in the area of people who deal with Anxiety. Anxiety is one of the most prevalent issues that people today deal with. I have put together an online membership program for people who deal with anxiety to use acupressure for hands on personal and instant relief. I wanted to hear what Lindsay thought of this and if she thought it would really help people on a deep level being that she works in just conversations and I'm offering a solution through self-acupressure points (through the body.)

Lindsay offers her counseling online and has her home office in Victoria, BC.

If you are dealing with Anxiety or know someone who is then this a great podcast to listen to. 

To receive your first acupressure point for free to ease your anxiety please go here ==>>

Acupressure for Anxiety

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