Get to know your Flow with Dr. D

December 7, 2017

Today on the show, I have Dr. De’Nicea Hilton, DOM, AP. She is an NCCAOM Board Certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Physician certified as a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. She is the hostess of the Sisters of Flow Podcast where they talk about myths about menstrual health and promote period positivity. 

We discussed: Her area of specialization. You will also learn about how Dr. D began her journey. Lastly, she will teach us how she overcame the bumps she encountered along the way. 

Three takeaways that you’ll get from this podcast are:

  1. It wasn't a no, it was a not right now
  2. Darkest I could go, I could go just as Light
  3. Sit Still, and trust that Action is Happening even as you sit still

Books mentioned in this Episode:

Sensitive Chaos

The Four Agreements

The 11 Forgotten Laws

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