Aha Moments with Tamara Lechner

December 7, 2017

Today I spoke to Tamara Lechner. She is a mother of 4 kids living in Victoria BC. She is a happiness expert and learns about Positive Psychology from the Masters including Deepak Chopra, Martha Beck, and Wayne Dyer.

We discussed: How she started as a happiness expert? You will also learn about how Tamara's service. Lastly, she shared the strategy every people needs to change their baseline happiness.

Three takeaways that you’ll get from this podcast are:

1. Happy doesn't look a certain way; it's maintaining the ability to see the positive even in the face of negativity.

2. One doesn't have to be unhappy in order to begin prioritizing happiness.

3. If we can master Hope I equate that with a happy emotion


How can you get in touch with Tamara?

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